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Desert Landscaping #11

The County Recorder and Checking for Easements

Hi, hi, John McCormick here in Las Vegas with the two minute real estate Blog. A problem that rises for some people in the Southwest with purchasing a house is that they intend to convert the desert landscaping back into the lawn or sod. The difficulty is that often times the desert landscaping is there as the result of the water authority purchasing an easement  against the property to install desert landscaping. The desert landscaping basically was paid for by the water authority to save on the water usage.

If you intend to move into that house and convert it back into a lawn, the water authority has to be repaid for their efforts. It’s a sad day when a new owner comes into a house, converts the desert landscaping back into lawn, the water authority gets wind of it and sends a bill to the owner for the difference. It can be $6,000-$8,000. It’s a problem that’s easily avoided by going to that county recorder and seeing what’s recorded against that property before you even make an offer on it. If the water authority in the district that you’re in has an easement on the property that says desert landscape, be careful. If you’re a, a, an agent, tell your prospective buyer. We can avoid a lot of problems just, by just doing the homework. Thank you.

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